Mobile Satellite Communication Solutions

SATNETDATA provides Mil Comprehensive Mobile Satcom Communication System. The System are integrated providing the user complete package. The System Includes:

  • Mil Grade Antenna – Motorized of Size 1.8mtr, 3.8Mtr. The Antenna Complies to Mil Grade Standards and includes all electronics to make it work as a Single Button Operation.The system comes along with Antenna Controller, Beacon Tracker receiver and other features of Satcom antenna.
  • KU and C band options-Various Bands available
  • Satellite Modem – We provide HUBLESS Full Mesh VSAT technology which allows user to operate without the need of Central HUB. Each System can communicate with any remote without needing to be controlled by a Central Location. This allows great advantage to user in terms of redundancy of system. All System Modems can be controlled from any one of the site for any updates or changes in Frequency allocation this allows less man power interaction for the operation of the Network.
  • RF/BUC- The system can be fitted with Stand alone or 1+1 configuration providing.
  • RF/BUC- The system can be fitted with Stand alone or 1+1 configuration providing.
  • Routers/Exchange and other terrestrial networking products
  • Choice of Mil grade Shelter/Trailer based system.The Size of shelter can be 20ft/30ft or 40Ft.The Shelter System are designed in accordance to Mil Grade Standards and comply to Emi/EMC,EMP/NEMP,IEEE299, Mil Std 810 etc. The shelter can be mounted on Trucks, Ground or Trailer system.
  • The Trailer system are designed to carry Antenna and other payloads and can be towed by Military trucks and Jeeps.The trailer design matches the required Military standards and offroad conditions ,Field deployable.
  • Compliance to EMI/EMC, EMP/NEMP and various other Military Standards for complete package.

The Product range includes various parts Antenna 1.8mtr or 3.8Mtr Motorized, RF, Satellite Modem, choice of communication Shelter or Trailer System.The solution are customized according to specific needs and use. The turn around time lines are very effective as we carry inventories to match any customization. This feature allows us to provide a deployable solution in no time.