Satcom Terminals

We provide SATCOM System for Military applications,Broadcasting ,Disaster Management, Closed User Group Satellite networks and many more solutions. The Military and Defense are the most demanding of all satellite communications. We provide similar working for Commercial and Enterprise use .

  • Available in C band, Ku band and Ka band Customizable to meet your exact specifications and needs.
  • Fly-away, transportable and stabilized antennas up to 3.8m.

We provide solution which are compliant to Military Standards and cost effectiveness allows them to be used in like no other system integrator. Our solution encompasses all hardware required for a complete Satellite Network available from Single point. Our Integrated solutions have become the ultimate solution of choice for numerous military agencies, Disaster management and other organization.

The selection of Integrated Solution by military agencies is usually based on our unique, robust designs and of the shelf available products which allow less delivery period. No other supplier can combine the essentials of rugged System, Mil Std Compliance, ease of operation and post-delivery customer support at a very competitive price.We specialize in Complete integrated solutions and also available as single Systems.

Our solutions can be packaged as a Whole Integrated System with all RF systems ,Satellite Modems,Networking Routers/Switches, Optical ,Shelter/Trailer/Vehilces Platform based etc complaying to various Mil Std 810,IEEE2999,JSS55555,EMI/EMC,EMP covering all broadcast satellite frequency bands including C, Ku, and Ka. Mobile satellite communications are of major significance for Military, broadcasting companies requiring high speed,easily accessed, reliable data communications from any location around the world.

Flyaway Antenna

Motorized Man-portable (Flyaway) Antenna solution comprises of Integrated system providing Antenna Terminal, Satellite Modem, Router Integrated as a solution which is light weight suitcase based. The system can be assembled with auto acquisition of satellite in less than 10 minutes. The system design allows harsh environment working and can be used for Military/Defense Communication, Disaster Management Units, Law Enforcement Unit etc. where voice , video and data are required. The system comes in 2 suitcases. The system is IP65 which allows any weather working. The operating temperature is from -30°C to +60°C.

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Our range includes Drive-Away 3 Axis Motorized Antenna  with  One button auto acquisition, the technical features are rugged and complies to MIL Std’s. The System comes complete with Antenna Control Unit, Beacon Tracker receiver and accessories.

The Drive-Away Antenna is a 1.8m auto-acquire satellite antenna system which can be mounted on the roof of a vehicle /Platform/Shelter for access over any configured satellite. The system works seamlessly with the controller providing fast satellite acquisition within minutes.

Additionally we can package the System as a solution with RF/BUC,LNB,Satellite Modem, Routers. Our systems are ready to install and operate. We can provide system for Shelter/Vehicle Mounted or Trailer based Solutions complete with power and other features as desired.

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Military Antenna Solution

We provide 3 Axis Motorized Antenna system as stand Alone or Complete Integrated Communication Solution consisting of Antenna, Satellite Modem, Routers, Switches, Power, EMI/EMP Shelter/Trailer /Platform.

  • 3 Axis Motorized 1.8Mtr Antenna for Vehicle/Shelter/Trailer Mount complying to Military Standards. The system comes complete with Antenna Control Unit ,Beacon Tracker receiver to provide Auto acquisition of Desired satellite within minutes. The Antenna has Integrated cables for Tx and RX. The system can be provided complete with feed arm mounted RF/BUC,LNB/LNA and many other features as a comprehensive Solution. All termination for Power, M&C, IF/L band are provided via Mil Std connector on base of antenna allowing ease of operation
  • 3 Axis Motorized 3.8Mtr Antenna for vehicle/Shelter/Trailer based solutions. The integrated antenna system complying to EMI/EMP and other Mil Std’s as 810, JSS55555 etc. The 3.8Mtr Antenna has special designed Integrated features for Feed arm mounting of RF/BUC,LNB/LNA. It has All termination for Power, M&C, IF/L band done via Mil Std connector connector port panel of antenna allowing ease of operation.The Antenna system is integrated with embedded Antenna controller and beacon tracker receiver. The aystem can be packaged as Trailer/Shelter/Platform working.The design allows to take very less space compared to the size of the Reflector.The reflector is carbon fiber.The system can be ordered as individual or a integrated system package.
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