SCPC Modems

The DMD20 Satellite Modem breaks new ground in flexibility, operation and cost. With standards including IDR, IBS and DVB, and covering data rates up to 20 Mbps, this 1RU duplex modem covers virtually all your Satellite IP, Telecom, Video and Internet applications. Switch between spur-free 70/140 MHz operation and L-Band without any configuration changes. It’s all in the same box. We provide DMD 20 with various option

  • DoubleTalk Carrier-in-Carrier bandwidth compression
  • BPSK/QPSK/OQPSK/8PSK/8-QAM/16-QAM operation
  • 2.4 kbps to 20 Mbps, 1 bps steps
  • FEC – Viterbi, Reed-Solomon, Sequential, Trellis, TPC, LDPC
  • Configuration, monitor and control features fully user-programmable
  • Excellent spurious performance • Fully compliant with IESS-308/309/310/314/315
  • Optional DVB to EN301-210 and EN300-421
  • Industry-standard universal interface module
  • Fast acquisition
  • 50 to 90 MHz and 100 to 180 MHz IF, and 950 to 2050 MHz L-Band in 1 Hz steps
  • Standard features include: Reed-Solomon, asynchronous overhead, satellite control channel and automatic uplink power control
  • SCPC / MCPC Links
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We provide Industry leading technology MFTDMA ,Which provide FULL Mesh HUBLESS Technology .The Product VSAT Plus 3 is designed and industry leading technology for Satcom Applications.

Fully integrated services in a single platform The VSATPlus 3 terminal is based on TDMA with frequency hopping (FHOP). Taking advantage of both time domain and frequency domain access methods, the VSATPlus 3 allows users to support multiple services such as data, voice, and videoconferencing in one simple, integrated IP transport platform.

The single VSATPlus 3 platform integrates with IP based routing and user equipment allowing for a more reliable,flexible, and economical solution. Hubless, full mesh operation within a single satellite hop. The VSATPlus 3 is based on a flexible architecture that supports various network topologies including star, full mesh, hybrid, or any combination of these. 
The VSATPlus 3 architecture eliminates the need for costly central hub equipment and improves call quality by transferring information over single satellite hops.

Satellite IP platform with integrated IP protocol enhancements.

  • Full mesh BoD operation with single satellite hop.
  • Software-controlled adjustable rate satellite modem.
  • Turbo Forward error correction (FEC) with multiple user selectable code rates.
  • L-band or 70MHz IF interface options.
  • Carrier (frequency) hopping on up to 32 carriers
  • Easy terminal installation and low-cost network expansion.
  • Fully automatic acquisition and synchronization operation.
  • Operates with C- or Ku-band radio frequency (RF) systems (other bands optional).
  • No single point of failure for the network due to hubless operation
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Modem Redundant Switches

RCS 11

The RCS11 1:1 Redundancy Switch provides simple backup redundancy protection for all configurations of DMD15, DMD20, DMD50 and DMD2050 SCPC modems and the DM240 / DD240 DVB series of Digital Video Modulators and Demodulators. The backup functions of the RCS11 may be performed automatically, manually or from terminal Mode.

RCS 20

The RCS20 M:N Redundancy Switch provides backup switching/protection for up to nine pairs of satellite modem channels (modulators/demodulators). The RCS20 is a companion product to the DMD15/DMD2401/DMD20/DMD50/DM240/DD240 Satellite Modems. The RCS20 is an intelligent microprocessor-controlled system, capable of controlling up to nine modems in a variety of configurations. The RCS20 is comprised of three separate units that make up the switching system; the Redundancy Control Unit (RCU20) shown above, the Digital Data Switch (DDS20), and the Intermediate Frequency Switch (IFS20).

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